2012 Goals Review/2013 Goals

20:51 Sun 06 Jan 2013
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I had five goals for 2012 and didn’t achieve many; arguably only one. I don’t feel too bad about this, partly because the most positive things for me last year weren’t related to anything on that list. Even so, I hope to do better this year.

2012 Goals Review

The five goals for 2012 were:

  • Finish a major creative work. Not even close. I did barely any serious creative writing last year, and had little inclination towards it. I’m not sure why that is, but I don’t like it.
  • Back squat twice my body weight. I started out making excellent progress on this goal, and over about eight weeks pushed my squat up to 330 pounds. After that, though, injury concerns kept me from going after it.
  • Finish the second season of my roleplaying campaign. I did this. It was great, and right now I’m really looking forward to the next season.
  • Polish, package, and release my Vim/writing/blogging scripts. I did some of this. The blogging pipeline is still just a set of personal scripts, but I released the reStructuredText Tools and am happy about having done so; I’m calling this one an accomplished goal.
  • Get paid for a piece of writing. Not even close. I might be least happy with this one because I didn’t even try.

Two of five. I thought that creative writing might be easier once I changed my blogging schedule to weekly, but that hasn’t worked so far. I have to change something there, but I’m not yet sure what or how.

2013 Goals

I’m repeating several of the goals from last year, with some new ones. The goal of releasing my Vim/writing/blogging scripts is going away, but the blogging scripts will probably end up as one of the small software projects I intend to do.

My seven goals for 2013:

  • Finish a major creative work. The same again, perhaps more difficult as I feel further away from the project I wanted to work on last year, the one that began promisingly with S0E1, Part One.
  • Back squat twice my body weight. I see no reason why approaching this slowly won’t work.
  • Run the third season of my roleplaying campaign. Having this on the list should help me to get going on it earlier than I might otherwise. This one should be fun.
  • Get paid for a piece of writing. I’m keeping this here in the hope that I’ll do something about it.
  • Recover and sustain my cardiovascular fitness. My strength improved significantly last year, but my endurance declined by quite a lot. I want to get it back, and I want to keep it throughout the year after I get it back. If I manage to do that, I can consider easing off—or not—next year.
  • Release eight small software projects. Eight seems like a reasonable number; ideally I’d like to do one per month, but this give me some margin. These will be like jsCheckMate in scope, and pieces of the bookmarks project will make up some of them.
  • Read 50 or more books. I haven’t had a solid numerical goal for my reading for a few years, and it appears that without one I read less (just 37 books in each of the last two years).

Good luck with your goals, if any, for 2013!

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  1. jeffliveshere Says:

    I’m going to piggy-back on just one of these: A book a week. (The *real* goal is just to increase my reading time and decrease my tv time.)

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