2012 Goals

11:47 Sun 01 Jan 2012
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I’m deliberately giving myself fewer of these this year, partly because I particularly don’t want to start the year feeling as if I’m already behind, so I’m trying to make the first quarter, at least, one in which I don’t have a pile of self-imposed tasks. So, this year, a shorter list of goals.

Notably absent is a goal related to the CrossFit Open. I intend to compete, and I know that once I’m in it I’ll try hard, but it’s scheduled at an awkward time for me and, as mentioned above, I don’t want to pile a lot on for the start of the year.

  • Finish a major creative work. This is essentially unchanged from the last couple of years, although now I’m focused on a specific project, the one I started with S0E1 Part 1.
  • Back squat twice my body weight. This is certainly ambitious given that my best ever is 315 pounds, but I feel it’s a good target to have. Strength is alleged to begin with back squatting twice your body weight, and it would nice to start to be strong.
  • Finish the second season of my roleplaying game. I’m happy with the progress I made with this in 2011, and this goal might expand to include starting the third season.
  • Polish, package, and release my Vim/writing/blogging scripts. This includes PyWordCount, but also includes the custom reStructuredText directives I’ve written, and the reST-in-Vim-to-WordPress pipeline I have.
  • Get paid for a piece of writing. Not necessarily a new piece, just any writing. In some ways this shouldn’t be that hard, given that I have a lots of existing work to put out there, but it’s not something I have any experience doing. It would be very good to rectify that.
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