2010 Goals

08:53 Fri 01 Jan 2010
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Happy New Year!

Once again, my goals for the coming year.

Some of these recur from last year, but that’s okay. They’re not really in any order.

  • Write at least one draft of the fantasy novel.
  • Revive sfmagic.org. Many of my MTG-playing friends simply don’t believe I’ll ever do this one, but I’m still determined to make it happen, and right now there are fewer obstacles to doing it than there have been in years.
  • Celebrate my birthday. A strange-sounding resolution, perhaps, but I haven’t actually done any significant celebration of my birthday for a couple of years, and that’s just dumb. So this year I’m going to do something. I might need help figuring that something out, we’ll see.
  • Participate in the CrossFit sectionals. I don’t expect to qualify, or even come particularly close to qualifying, but I want to take part anyway to see what it’s like, and to give myself a training target. Given that at the end of March last year I was in fairly poor physical condition, competing in them at all will be an achievement.
  • I have some miscellaneous fitness-related goals I’ll lump together: break three hundred pounds on the deadlift, get to ten dead-hang pullups, get my shoulders strong enough to safely do kipping pullups again and then get to thirty of those, break 23:00 for the 5K. Just because it’s the first day of the year and I think I should set one of these that’s a lot further away for me, I’ll add this: do “Murph” in under 50:00.
  • Finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour. Just five episodes to write up, I simply need to get down to it.
  • Run a roleplaying campaign. I haven’t done this in fifteen years, and it’s time to start again. This already looks like it’s going to happen, but starting and finishing are separate things… this goal is to run at least one story arc, and to make it good (but not worry about it being perfect).
  • I don’t like having amorphous goals, but this last one is going in regardless. I need to do something about building a sense of community for myself. I’m not totally sure what this means, and it’s not that I utterly lack a sense of community now, but it’s not quite where I want it, and I need to figure out what it is I want to change and how to do it. I have a post kind-of in my head about this, which I’ll hopefully get down in the next few weeks.

That seems like a good set. I also want to read 80 books, but for some reason this year that doesn’t feel like a goal in the same way as the above.

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  1. Graham Says:

    I like the sense of community thing.

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