2010 Goals Review

11:51 Fri 31 Dec 2010
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I once again had eight goals for 2010, and it’s not too likely that any more of them will be accomplished before the end of the year.

Here are the ones I accomplished:

  • Celebrate my birthday. Done.
  • Participate in the CrossFit sectionals. Also done. I also accomplished a further goal of not placing last.
  • Run a roleplaying campaign. Done—I didn’t quite manage to finish the first arc in this year, but almost, and I’m fairly happy with how this went.

I accomplished some of my list of fitness-related goals:

  • Break three hundred pounds on the deadlift. Yes.
  • Get to ten dead-hang pullups. Yes.
  • Get my shoulders strong enough to do kipping pullups. Iffy; but I can do sets of five without any apparent pain, so I’m counting it as done.
  • Thirty kipping pullups. I haven’t tried this for fear of injury. I suspect I could do it, but it hasn’t seemed worth the risk.
  • Break 23:00 for the 5K. No, and I haven’t really applied myself to this one, unfortunately.
  • Do “Murph” in under 50:00. No, and I don’t think I’d get close, and that’s primarily because I can’t do 100 kipping pullups safely.

Here are the ones I failed to accomplish:

  • Write at least one draft of the fantasy novel. I didn’t even make a serious attempt. I’m not sure what to do about this.
  • Revive sfmagic.org. Nor at this, and furthermore I’m strongly considering finally giving up on this one. I don’t play MTG as much, haven’t been to the draft group in quite a while, and have drifted far away from this project.
  • Finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour. I didn’t make a serious attempt at this either. This, I think, just requires a commitment to some schedule, and probably represents about 15 hours of work.
  • Do something about building a sense of community for myself. I’m marking this as a failure because I don’t feel enough of that sense of community, even though I feel part of more communities than at the start of the year. I have trouble with figuring out how to approach this, even while I think it’s necessary and important. I need to figure out how to break this down into concrete steps.

Overall I feel okay about the goals for 2010. I wish I’d gotten at least one more of the “creative” goals done, but running a roleplaying campaign for the first time in 15 years is no small thing. As for the fitness side, I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made.

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