2010 Goals: First Quarter Review

11:12 Tue 30 Mar 2010
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Yes, clearly my progress (or lack thereof) needs quarterly reports. And here’s the first one for this year.

I laid out the full list at the start of the year. I’ve accomplished some of them:

  • Celebrate my birthday. This still seems like a strange goal to have—but putting it on here helped me get it done, and I had a great time and don’t get why I didn’t do this for years. I’ll do it again next year!
  • Participate in the CrossFit Sectionals. Done!
  • Ten dead-hang pullups. Done; currently my best is 11, and I’m now aiming for 20 before going back to kipping.

I’ve made some progress on these:

  • Revive sfmagic.org. “Some progress” here means I’ve tried to get the code running again and have run into incompatibilities between Pylons versions. So, slightly closer, but not a lot of movement.
  • Run a roleplaying campaign. I’ve started it, and two sessions in it’s going well.
  • I’m presumably closer to my other fitness-related goals of a 300-pound deadlift, a sub-23:00 5K, and “Murph” in under 50:00.
  • It’s hard to judge progress on an amorphous goal like “building a sense of community”, but I think there’s been some.

I’ve made no progress on these:

  • Write at least one draft of the fantasy novel. I feel fine about this, and haven’t really tried to work on it. I know that at some point the desire to do so will resurface, and the key to getting it done is focusing on it when that happens.
  • Finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour. Still something I just need to get down to doing…

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  1. garret Says:

    Good luck Tadhg, sounds like you’ve made good progress. Happy birthday in advance and in retrograde. How are the shelves, I noticed their absence from your goals.

    “Never underestimate a tadhg”
    - Old Klingon proverb

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