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Portland Pie Recommendation

22:51 28 Apr 2013

Short post today since I’m on vacation, but I can recommend the pies at Random Order. Hope your weekend was a good one!

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Portland Waffles

23:03 04 Nov 2012

Brief post today, as I’m on vacation in Portland. I highly recommend the Belgian waffles at sympatica; you should get the apple syrup on them rather than the green tomato syrup.

The election is on Tuesday, and you might like to review the California ballot measure overview I wrote last week.

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You’ll Eat Our Lunch and Like It

21:04 12 Apr 2011

The headline really says it all: “Chicago school bans homemade lunches”.

That’s right. The daytime prisoners at this institution—sorry, the beloved Children Who Are Our Future at this Future-Oriented Center for Learning—are no longer allowed to provide their own alternatives to the midday meal, but must have whatever the school supplies.

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My Current Paleo Diet

00:45 04 Apr 2011. Updated: 00:48 05 Apr 2011

As I’ve done a few times before, I’m trying the paleo diet for a while; this is my longest time on it yet, as I’ve been doing it since 24 January and intend to continue at least until the end of April (which is when the CrossFit Open 2011 ends). I’m considering extending it further.

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Another Stint of the Paleo Diet

19:23 31 Aug 2010

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to go on the paleo diet again, in preparation for Tough Mudder. This time I’m going to cut down on dairy, although I’m not sure I’ll cut it entirely. I’m hoping to stick to the diet just as strictly as I did last time, although there’s no threat of 100 burpee pullups hanging over me.

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poco dolce Chocolate

06:41 03 Aug 2010

My friend Jennifer Greenwood recently recommended poco dolce chocolate, so I picked some up as gifts. Having sampled it, I can confirm that their “Bittersweet Tiles” are fantastic. They’re from San Francisco, which may or may not influence you. So far, everyone I know who’s tried them has loved them.

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5 Weeks of the Paleo Diet

13:39 25 Jul 2010

I stayed on the diet for five weeks, a little longer than the challenge required. When I last was on the diet, in the run up to Sectionals, I cheated once per week, getting a burger with buns. This time I didn’t cheat, at least not knowingly. I derived more benefit from it this time around, although I didn’t start really feeling that until the last two weeks.

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A Burger at Chez Maman

23:57 02 Jul 2010. Updated: 02:19 03 Jul 2010

This meal seemed to exemplify many of the changes in my eating habits since resuming carnivorism:

A Burger at Chez Maman
Pictured is a medium burger, no bun, with swiss cheese, avocado, bacon, and a fried egg; plus tomato, onions, and salad. It was excellent, and I absolutely recommend Chez Maman—it was excellent when I was last there too, and I wasn’t a carnivore at that point.

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Late Paleo Challenge Entry

22:11 22 Jun 2010

The rest of my CrossFit gym started a month-long paleo diet last week. I didn’t want to try to go strict paleo while restricted to soft food, so my month started yesterday. Naturally, there’s a penalty for straying: 100 burpee pullups (as unpleasant as you might think).

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23:36 16 May 2010

After a highly enjoyable, productive, and extended period, it’s time for me to return to the world of paid work.

I’m quite happy with the things I’ve done during my time off. Many of them are important only to me, but then, it’s been my time off.

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CrossFit and Coding (and Meat)

10:28 31 Dec 2009

In 2009 I achieved some significant things that weren’t on my list of goals, although they’re not concrete achievements in the same sense.

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Polls and Dubious Correlations

23:12 12 Nov 2009. Updated: 01:15 13 Nov 2009

Specifically, “How Food Preferences Vary by Political Ideology”—a poll that correlates self-reported political leanings and self-reported food habits. And verifies a whole pile of preconceptions you might have had… althought the polling organization itself does point out that e.g. much of the variance may be due to geographical rather than political differences.

Even allowing for those, though, the fact that “liberals” are much more interested in eating healthily than “conservatives” is interesting.

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Brussels Sprouts Black Swan

23:55 02 Nov 2009. Updated: 01:06 03 Nov 2009

I’ve always detested Brussels sprouts. In the past people have repeatedly made the claim that this was because I hadn’t have them cooked right, that my previus bad experiences were due to poor preparation (usually overcooking was cited), and that these would be different. At which point I would try the ones on hand, and gag. It isn’t mere dislike, but a strong negative reaction to them that makes it difficult to eat them at all.

This pattern held, invariant, for more than a decade. Until tonight. Tonight’s Brussels sprouts, made by my friend Joke, were actually palatable, and I voluntarily had more than one. I said I felt that some award should mark the event, she suggested a blog post, and here we are.

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“Nutritious”: ”Has Nutrients”

16:07 20 Sep 2009

Friday’s post about Froot Loops and the “Smart Choices” program reminded me of a portion of the McLibel case, in which McDonald’s brought in an expert witness, Verner Wheelock, to assert that statements claiming that McDonald’s food wasn’t ”nutritious”, or was “junk food”, were false. I can’t find a transcript online—the site that should have them is producing errors instead—but Wheelock defined “nutritious” as “contains nutrients” and “junk food” as “whatever a person doesn’t like”.

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The Smart Choice is Froot

13:29 18 Sep 2009

Apparently in response to increased public interest in eating better, the American food manufacturing industry has put together a campaign called Smart Choices. This is essentially a marketing effort masquerading as a health information campaign, as demonstrated quite well by the fact that Froot Loops qualify as a “smart choice”.

To defend this, the president of the Smart Choices board, Eileen T. Kennedy, gave the New York Times one of the most egregious pieces of dodgy rhetoric I’ve seen in quite some time:

“You’re rushing around, you’re trying to think about healthy eating for your kids and you have a choice between a doughnut and a cereal,” Dr. Kennedy said, evoking a hypothetical parent in the supermarket. “So Froot Loops is a better choice.”

—William Neuman. “For Your Health, Froot Loops”. The New York Times, 04 September 2009.


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Considering Carnivorism

14:05 20 Jul 2009

(Actually, I’m considering a return to a wider variety of omnivorism, but that’s not as cool a title.)

I gave up eating meat about ten years ago. Since then I’ve been an ovo-lacto-pesce-vegetarian. Now, for the first time, I’m seriously considering eating meat again.

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The Red Door Closes

23:52 04 Oct 2007. Updated: 01:24 05 Oct 2007

The Red Door closed last weekend. I was there for the (sniff!) last time on Saturday, and had typically excellent food. Including the legendary French Toast, which was fantastic. But that’s it, no more Red Door.

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Modern Thai Not Closing

23:46 07 Sep 2007. Updated: 12:48 08 Sep 2007

I went by Modern Thai yesterday, and it turns out that they’re not closing after all.

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The End of Salmon?

22:33 03 Sep 2007

At dinner with my parents yesterday, I had salmon. This is quite common, I often eat salmon when I’m at their place. But after dinner, my father commented “That might be the last of it.” At first I thought he meant that we’d eaten all of the salmon they’d bought, although I’d thought there was about half left… then he explained that he meant that it might be the last I’d have with them because salmon might no longer be available.

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Modern Thai Closing(?)

21:24 20 Aug 2007

My favorite local place to eat dinner, Modern Thai, has apparently closed. I say “apparently” because there’s renovation work going on in it, so there’s a small chance it’ll return… but there are no signs on the door to explain anything to patrons, which makes me suspect that it’s gone for good.

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Red Door Closing

23:53 28 Jul 2007. Updated: 04:14 29 Jul 2007

My favorite local place to eat, the Red Door Café, is closing. I’m pretty sad about this, since the food there is just so good.

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