Red Door Closing

23:53 Sat 28 Jul 2007. Updated: 04:14 29 Jul 2007
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My favorite local place to eat, the Red Door Café, is closing. I’m pretty sad about this, since the food there is just so good.

It’s not particularly fancy, but it is eclectic, interesting, and features the aforementioned fantastic food. The atmosphere is great, although I’m biased because the owner Ahmed is at this point a friend. I try to go there every weekend, but don’t always make it.

It’s closing at the end of September, I think, so I really will try to go there as often as possible. Gotta get those Mexidillas and Yelapa Wraps in while there’s still time!

It’s at California and Larkin, open until 14:00 daily. I keep hassling Ahmed to make it 24-hour, but somehow I think this isn’t going to happen…

It’s not closing from any lack of success. It’s busy and popular, and I think Ahmed just wants a calmer daily experience. He’s also moved to the East Bay, and doesn’t want to do the commute, so he’s planning to open over there. Curse San Francisco property prices! If they were more reasonable, the Red Door would probably be sticking around!

Still, at least it’s going to be replaced by another restaurant. I know that it won’t be the Red Door, but I definitely intend to give it a fair chance.

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