5 Weeks of the Paleo Diet

13:39 Sun 25 Jul 2010
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I stayed on the diet for five weeks, a little longer than the challenge required. When I last was on the diet, in the run up to Sectionals, I cheated once per week, getting a burger with buns. This time I didn’t cheat, at least not knowingly. I derived more benefit from it this time around, although I didn’t start really feeling that until the last two weeks.

It hasn’t been a dramatic shift, but I’ve felt slightly better overall. My CrossFit performance has been fairly steady, so it’s hard to get accurate measurements from that. I feel lighter even though I put on a couple of pounds on the diet.

I can’t make radical claims for it, merely that it’s made me feel better. I’m off the diet now, although I’m planning to make 70%–80% of my meals paleo-compliant anyway. Then I’ll go back on it again, from 1 September to Tough Mudder, as it seems like an important component of event preparation.

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