2009 Goals Review

17:43 Tue 29 Dec 2009
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I had eight goals for 2009, and all of them that I’m going to get done I’ve already completed. Time to review.

Here are the ones I accomplished:

I abandoned the “write a summary/review/synopsis of every book I read” goal fairly early into the year, on 27 Feb. I don’t think I’m going to try that one again, as it just seems that the practice simply isn’t right for me.

That leaves four goals I didn’t accomplish:

  • Write at least one draft of the fantasy novel. This, for me, is the big one. I didn’t get anywhere close, and in truth I feel like I never really gave it a good effort. I’ll make it a goal again this year.
  • Read 80 books. It was looking great until the middle of the year, when my reading inexplicably dropped off. I’ll be at 56 or 57 by the end of December, which is off by quite a few. I’m really not sure what went wrong with this one, and will probably try it again next year also.
  • Finish pafib. Well, I got one, so just five more of those to go… I might not make that one a goal for next year, and instead I’ll just leave that series hanging around to work on whenever the right mood takes me.
  • Finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour. No progress, but I still want to get this one done, and so I’ll probably leave it on there next year as well.

Looking at it as “three out of eight” probably isn’t a great plan. Instead, I’m going to consider it a great thing that I fixed my blog, fixed my Subversion repository (both things quite central to my activities), and wrote quite a few bits of software that I’m happy with. The failure that stings is the fantasy novel, and with that, I must fall back upon the old chestnut of trying again.

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