Brussels Sprouts Black Swan

23:55 Mon 02 Nov 2009. Updated: 01:06 03 Nov 2009
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I’ve always detested Brussels sprouts. In the past people have repeatedly made the claim that this was because I hadn’t have them cooked right, that my previus bad experiences were due to poor preparation (usually overcooking was cited), and that these would be different. At which point I would try the ones on hand, and gag. It isn’t mere dislike, but a strong negative reaction to them that makes it difficult to eat them at all.

This pattern held, invariant, for more than a decade. Until tonight. Tonight’s Brussels sprouts, made by my friend Joke, were actually palatable, and I voluntarily had more than one. I said I felt that some award should mark the event, she suggested a blog post, and here we are.

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One Response to “Brussels Sprouts Black Swan”

  1. Frank Says:

    So, they got you too? The Brussels Sprout People have recruited you into their ranks, convinced you to lie with the goal of getting me to try them YET AGAIN. You people have a sick sense of humor.

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