The Red Door Closes

23:52 Thu 04 Oct 2007. Updated: 01:24 05 Oct 2007
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The Red Door closed last weekend. I was there for the (sniff!) last time on Saturday, and had typically excellent food. Including the legendary French Toast, which was fantastic. But that’s it, no more Red Door.

A new place will open in its stead, and as Ahmed chose those people to take over the space (but not the name or the menu) I’ll definitely give them a chance. They’ll apparently do dinner as well, which makes them quite different indeed.

But I’ll really miss the Red Door, not just for the excellent food, but for the atmosphere. Ahmed made people really feel at home there, and that’s no minor talent—especially when it works on me, as I don’t think it’s too easy to make me feel at home. He’s planning to open a place in the East Bay (because it’s closer to where he now lives, the selfish cad), and after that opens, I’ll track it down and try it out. Naturally it won’t be as convenient, but I have no doubt that it’ll be worth multiple trips across the bridge. He’s taking a few months off, though—that selfish streak again—so significant patience is required.

Of course, I know where he lives, so I could just cross the bridge on the weekends to show up at his home and demand food. I’m sure I could convince a bunch of the other Red Door regulars to come along.

It’s a sad change, but it was great to have the Red Door around while it was around, and maybe this will mean I’ll discover a fantastic new spot somewhere else around here, and hence embrace the change.

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2 Responses to “The Red Door Closes”

  1. Radegund Says:

    Such selfishness is saddening. I am saddened. Deeply saddened.

  2. Tadhg Says:

    Right, and just think how the people who actually went to the Red Door feel!

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