SF Novel microfiction

Partly as an experiment, and partly as an attempt to get myself into editing it, I wrote a series of 30 pieces of microfiction that distilled from the first draft of my science fiction novel. Where possible, pieces will stand on their own, but not all do so. Some contain passages directly from the first draft, while others are entirely new versions of the events in that first draft.

The pieces alternate between being 250 words long and 300 words long.

The pieces, in order, are linked below.

0: Party, Success, Power, Status, Greed
1: Assassins, Gardens, Ouster, Board, Escape
2: Trapped, Ship, Despair, Choice, Alone
3: Abuse, Contract, Surprise, Capture, Anger
4: Decadence,‭ ‬Power,‭ Excess,‭ ‬Competition,‭ ‬Impunity
5: Despair, Desperation, Fantasy, Obsession, Records
6: Fever, Persistence, Disappointment, Luck, Surprise
7: Plague, Mystery, Panic, Rebellion, Power
8: Scavenger, Ship, Grave, Race, Payment
9: Pursuit, Competence, Indifference, Regulations, Unease
10: Captive, Negotiation, Passenger, Transport, Doubt
11: Blackmail, Discussion, Assumptions, Demands, Complications
12: Reward, Hunt, Research, Guess, Discovery
13: Solitude, Insanity, Company, Capture, Confusion
14: Negotiation, Wealth, Threat, Agreement, Destination
15: Asteroid, Base, Money, Surveillance, Flight
16: Information, Questions, Confusion, Opportunity, Idea
17: Obstacle, Friction, Evaluation, Recognition, Decision
18: Unease, Contingency, Disagreement, Risk, Corner
19: Trust, Determination, Dilemma, Odds, Proposal
20: Assignment, Anomaly, Misgivings, Resentment, Approach
21: Fear, Agreement, Contacts, Hopes, Plan
22: Foray, Disguise, Welcome, Aid, Exit
23: Gamble, Killing, Speed, Luck, Flight
24: Orbit, Evasion, Request, Intervention, Regulations
25: Anger, Review, Trail, Politics, Insight
26: Prediction, Inconsistency, Meeting, Observation, Confrontation
27: Capture, Dismay, Assumption, Principle, Resignation
28: News, Shock, Isolation, Reversal, Flight
29: Naivety, Incredulity, Anger, Bitterness, Escape

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