10: Captive, Negotiation, Passenger, Transport, Doubt

23:26 Mon 11 Sep 2006
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Lee drew her gun as she slammed Korza against the bulkhead, jamming her forearm against his throat. “Look, Korza, if I say you get checked for explosives, it happens. No more shit. You helped me get Stephanos, but now do what I tell you or I’ll throw you off this ship. And I might wait until warp.”

Korza, eyes wide and unable to breathe, nodded. She let him go and re-holstered her gun after she stepped back. The captain was close by, unconcerned. She pointed, and Korza went.
“I suppose you always have to take a harsh stance.”
“Korza’s a special case. He’s not technically a prisoner, so keeping him in line is harder. How’s Stephanos?”
“He’s settled in, and his condition is stable. Dr. Nitiki says he should be fine.”
“And we’re warping out shortly?”
“In a few minutes. I suspect we’ll stay ahead of the trouble you’re expecting.” Lee couldn’t tell if he was being condescending or not. She cursed inwardly at having run into a black ops courier instead of a standard one. It was probable more secure, but she just didn’t like the personnel. They were cold and dangerous—and they made her feel that way. She told herself that she was different, a freelancer, but they might have been freelancers too. So she was more like them than the rest of Redmane. She followed Imperial law, but was no longer sure that made enough difference.

She felt the warp drive engage, and relaxed slightly.

(250 words)

The above is part of a series of microfiction pieces.

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