23: Gamble, Killing, Speed, Luck, Flight

23:47 Sun 24 Sep 2006. Updated: 01:08 25 Sep 2006
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I looked to my right, saw two guards, and walked towards them quickly. One looked at me in time to take my punch to the throat. I stepped closer to get his pistol from his holster, pull up his armor, and shoot him in the stomach. The other guard had his visor flipped up, so I shot him in the face, then took his gun as well.

I ran for one of the stores lining the concourse, and forced a worker to take me into the employee-only security area.

Once there, I found out where the security checkpoint for employees was, then put the guns in my pockets and sprinted for it. It was a race, whether I could get out before they locked the spaceport down. If they got confused, I had a chance.

As I came around the curve to the checkpoint, I started waving my arms and yelling “Fire! Fire!” The guards looked at me curiously and wondered about what to do. I shot all of them.

Then I got lucky. To the right was a door marked “Security Center”, and a man opened it to say “What’s—” before also getting shot. I burst into that room, shot the other man in there, and then started a fire. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a remote site.

I managed to get to the small ship zone without taking the guns out again, and just said “there’s a fire back there” to everyone I encountered. Once in the zone, I couldn’t take my shuttle, because they’d know about that. So I bribed a scavenger with a hundred thousand for an orbital jaunt. We got out before they ordered the spaceport closed.

I got back to Basest Desires, but Redmane had picked up the trail and were chasing.

(300 words)

The above is part of a series of microfiction pieces.

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    hey i hated when it said in ur story that those ppl killed u …. :(

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