16: Information, Questions, Confusion, Opportunity, Idea

23:31 Sun 17 Sep 2006
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“So where is she now?”
“Ops doesn’t know.”

Lawrenceson signed off. It was valuable information, the Board only heard it an hour before, but it didn’t make sense. A scavenger shows up in the Shawch system, visits Truder’s base in the asteroid field, and then destroys Redmane surveillance satellites. Did she find a good lead on Truder in the base and want to cover her tracks?

“The Board requests your presence, Mr. Lawrenceson.” Lawrenceson looked up, saw the guard in his doorway, and stood up to be escorted.

“A few hours ago, a scavenger pursuing Truder Redmane for our reward found a base of Truder’s that we had under surveillance, apparently entered it, and destroyed our surveillance units. What is your reaction to this, Mr. Lawrenceson?”
Bruce went to speak, caught himself just before he said “she”, and said, “This scavenger has found a hot lead. A lead that’s hot enough to destroy the surveillance units for. I think you should put Lee Seraksonn on the case.”
Amusement at this seemed to outweigh anger at his presumption. “Your contract enforcer, Mr. Lawrenceson? What an interesting complex you must have developed.” Ishida’s voice was flat, but managed to work in both a sneer and a leer. Lawrenceson said, “She’s extremely dependable and has tracked down people in all kinds of hideouts.”
“But Truder is not exactly in her remit.”
“Is that important? Technically he’s an employee.”
“Yes, but—well, no matter. We’ll consider your suggestion. Mr. Lawrenceson. Please see yourself out.”

(250 words)

The above is part of a series of microfiction pieces.

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