27: Capture, Dismay, Assumption, Principle, Resignation

22:50 Thu 28 Sep 2006. Updated: 10:02 29 Sep 2006
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She pushed me into a shuttle nearby and sat me down, then said, “Truder Redmane, I am here to take you back. You have broken your contract of work with Redmane Minerals, and they are permitted to force your return and sequestration for the duration—”
“Since when do bounty hunters recite Redmane regs?”
“I’m an employment enforcer.”
“Well, you’re clearly doing bounty work right now. Or are you going to refuse the one hundred million?”
“Doesn’t matter. I was assigned to bring you back. So I’m bringing you back.”
“For the money—what’s your name?”
“Lee Seraksonn. And it’s not for the money. I’ll take it, but I’m no bounty hunter.”

I laughed. This woman, clearly a professional, had somehow tracked me down and ruined my plans. A struggle for the gun would go badly, so she had me. But on top of this she had to deny doing it for the money?
“Give me a pen and paper.”
“Don’t try anything, Truder.”
“Give me a pen and paper and I’ll cooperate fully.”
“I can make you cooperate.”
“Give me and pen and paper and I’ll prove it’s about the money.” Her eyes narrowed, and she threw over a pen and paper.

On the pad I wrote “Effective immediately, I resign from Redmane Minerals. Signed, Truder Redmane.” I threw them back.

She looked down at it and paused. Then she shrugged, sat down, and put the gun in her pocket. “Okay, Truder, I know you big shots can quit at will. You’re free to go.”

I looked at her. She appeared to be serious. I had to leave before she changed her mind, but it was hard to go. She looked at me flatly, and I couldn’t read her at all as I backed out of the shuttle, free again.

(300 words)

The above is part of a series of microfiction pieces.

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