19: Trust, Determination, Dilemma, Odds, Proposal

18:30 Wed 20 Sep 2006
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I set up the transfer, and had it ready to go. Three hundred million. I looked up at Shara, and said “You know you won’t get to spend it.”

We were in another barren rock, even more remote than Shawch, and more secure. If they could find me here, nowhere was safe. Shara said, “What do you mean?”
“Redmane are watching out for anything connected with you. They probably put surveillance on your name as soon as they saw your ship, and got access to your financial details less than an hour later. I guarantee they’ve got programs watching your accounts for any activity at all, never mind a deposit of three hundred million credits.”
“So what do we do? This is insane, you’re willing and able to give me three hundred million, but I won’t live to use it.”
“You could go on the run. But they’re going to be out looking for you in serious strength, and any connection with your past or family will let them find you. They also have your DNA, which will get seeded through wanted lists everywhere. It’s not impossible to hide, especially with three hundred million credits, but you’ll still need to be lucky and careful.”
“What about you? Aren’t they really looking for you?”
“Yes, but I have a lot more than three hundred million, and an established network, and plenty of bases and equipment to use.”
“Fuck. So I’d be rich but looking over my shoulder all the time.”

An opening. She was resourceful and smart, and was my bridge from the universe I had left to the universe I was about to enter and challenge. “You could come in with me. Once I’m in a position of power again, they won’t care about you and you’ll have my protection.”

(300 words)

The above is part of a series of microfiction pieces.

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