CrossFit Open 2011 Workout 1 B

17:17 Sun 27 Mar 2011. Updated: 17:49 17 Apr 2011
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I tried the first workout again on Saturday, but did worse rather than better. I’m not that happy with my score, but it’s good enough to put me ahead of my goal of top 50%.

It’s possible that various technical corrections will change my ranking, but I was 374 of 930 in my region and 5106 of 13335 worldwide when I was last able to check, and those are both well clear of the 50% mark. That’s not bad, but I worry that the first workout was particularly well-suited to me and that the later ones will be harder for me to do well at.

(15 male competitors tried this at my gym, and I was 5th (34th percentile).)

Right now it looks like Northern California is better than average at that workout, given that there’s a 2% difference between my percentile in the region and globally. That’s not that surprising, given that Northern California is more or less the home of CrossFit, but I’m curious to see whether that difference holds up through all six workouts.

When I first set my 50% goal, I didn’t know that I’d have access to both regional and global rankings, so I didn’t specify which one of those I was aiming for. It should probably be “both”.

Here’s a comparison between my results and the best in my gym, region, and worldwide, with my score expressed as a percentage of each:

  • Me: Tadhg O’Higgins, 258, 100%.
  • Gym best: David Bui, 349, 74%.
  • Region best: Adam Jamieson, 439, 59%.
  • Worldwide best: Rich Froning, 448, 57%.

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