CrossFit Open 2011 Overall Results

19:19 Sun 08 May 2011
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Bottom line: I achieved my goal. There were 947 male entrants in the Northern California region, and my final rank is 387, putting me in the top 40.65%. I’m pretty happy with this, even though I felt that most of my individual performances could have been better.

I would also have liked to have finished in the top 50% of those who did all six workouts, but that’s not the goal I set in January, and in any case I didn’t know in advance if I’d be able to make it through all six. Overall a success, and one I’m proud of—last year I finished 244/256, or in the “top” 95.31%, and an improvement of just under 55% in my placement is no small thing.

My performance definitely varied across the workouts, as this table shows:

Workout Rank Raw % Adj. % Vs Best Vs Target
DUs & Power Snatches 385/947 40.65 40.65 41.24 4.44
DLs, Pushups, Box Jumps 279/902 30.93 29.46 37.89 3.05
Squat Clean & Jerks 539/827 65.17 56.91 72.23 26.47
Burpees, OHSes, MUs 320/782 40.92 33.79 43.75 0
Power Cleans, T2Bs, Wall Balls 586/727 80.6 61.87 52.21 9.76
Thrusters & Pullups 578/630 91.74 61.03 60.86 18.57

Lower is better.

“Adjusted percentage” is rank out of total entrants (947) rather than just those who did that workout; competitors dropped out as weeks went by, and mostly weaker ones—I rather doubt my week six performance would have been in the bottom 10% of the starting 947. Adjusted percentage gives a better read of how my results compared between weeks.

“Vs Best” is 100 minus (my score divided by the best score in my region for that workout), a lower-is-better way of comparing my performance against the best in my region.

“Vs Target” is 100 minus (my score divided by my target for that workout), a lower-is-better way of comparing my score versus my target.

The first, second, and fourth were clearly better for me than the others, and that matches how I felt about them subjectively. The second workout suited me extremely well, and the fourth was fine except for the muscle-ups, which a significant number of competitors didn’t manage to reach. The last two workouts felt subjectively weaker for me; I felt ill when getting ready to do them, and don’t think they reflect my best performances. On the other hand, given that I feel ill rather a lot of the time, it’s fair to include them as representative. Workout 3, on the other hand, I did poorly in due to overtraining; that’s the one I’d like to have back.

Overall ranking, regional: 387/947 (40.86%).

Overall ranking, global: 5425/13421 (40.42%).

I’m not fully committed to doing it again next year, but suspect I will. If I do, my goal will be top 20% of entrants.

6 Responses to “CrossFit Open 2011 Overall Results”

  1. monsun Says:

    Congrats on reaching your goal. That’s cross-some! (Are non-native speakers allowed to make up words?)

  2. garret Says:

    Well done. I ve been monitoring your workouts, which seem quite the task and no easy feat. Give your self a pat on the back.

  3. Zac Says:

    So do we know how many competitors finished all six in the region? Worldwide? It would be interesting to compare the final standings with the adjusted numbers.

  4. Tadhg Says:

    Monika: Thanks! Yes, you have as much leeway as native speakers to come up with cringeworthy new words and/or puns.

    Garret: Thanks!

    Zac: It appears that in NorCal 600 people did all six, so I was in the top 40.86% of entrants and top 64.5% of finishers; your rank of 320 puts you at 33.79% of entrants and 53.33% of finishers.

    Worldwide there were 8615 finishers, so my rank of 5426 (which, suspiciously, was 5425 when I wrote this post yesterday) makes me top 40.42%/62.98% entrants/finishers, and your rank of 4571 makes you top 34.05%/53.05% entrants/finishers.

  5. Zac Says:

    There were 600 places, but that doesn’t include the ties. There are at least 20 ties in NorCal. Don’t know what that means for the data.

  6. Tadhg Says:

    Zac: I’m pretty sure it does include the ties; at the top of the linked NorCal page are two people tied at 541, after which the rank skips one to 543. The same is true for 550 and 552.

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