2009 Goals Status

22:50 Thu 30 Jul 2009
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At the start of the year I laid out some goals for 2009, and it’s time to review how they’re going.


  • Write a summary/review/synopsis of every book I read: I’ve tried this one before, and failed, and it remains too hard for me.


  • Fix my blog: Did this early.
  • Fix my Subversion repository: Done, and I’ve been happily using it since.

Some Progress

  • Read 80 books: Hmm. Might be tough to make it. I’ve read 35 books so far this year, so would have to read nine per month for the rest of the year. Not impossible, but since March I just haven’t been reading that much, not sure why.
  • Finish a writing series of mine called pafib: I’ve written one part of this, the sixth, and if I get inspired or determined (or both) there’s some hope of finishing it.
  • Finish at least three software projects: I’ve been doing a bunch of them, and the reStructuredText work certainly counts, as do the WordPress plugins I’ve written. I have not, however, made progress with sfmagic.org, which remains dead.

No Progress

  • Finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour: Haven’t touched it. Again, some inspiration and determination are required.
  • Write at least one draft of the fantasy novel: No progress. This is where the determination and inspiration, should they show up, should be directed.

Overall, not too bad. I need to do more writing, particularly longer projects and especially fiction. At least I’ve been removing technical barriers to that.

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