Fiction Index

Personal Favorites

In reverse chronological order, the pieces that I’m most fond of.

Works I’ve included as favorites above are marked with an asterisk below.

City Nights

“City Nights” is my bad working title for a loosely-connected series of short stories I started writing in 1993.

Science Fiction Novel Microfiction

In September 2006 I decided to rewrite my science fiction novel (then a sprawling 180,000–200,000-word first draft) as a series of 30 microfiction episodes, each alternating between 300 and 250 words in length.


A fantasy story in four parts.


Just one-and-a-half stories for now, but I’m fairly sure there will be more.

Miscellaneous Fantasy

Stories I think of as being in the fantasy genre that aren’t part of some larger world or narrative.

Miscellaneous Science Fiction

Stories I think of as being in the science fiction genre that aren’t part of some larger world or narrative.

City Vignettes

These pieces have some thematic links and Graham insists they’re similar enough to each other and distinct enough from my other writing to warrant their own category.


A series of experimental fiction pieces based on this quotation:

“possible attitudes found in books 1) I don’t know what’s happening to me 2) what does it mean? 3) seized with the deepest sadness, I know not why 4) I am lost, my head whirls, I know not where I am 5) I lose myself 6) I ask you, what have I come to? 7) I no longer know where I am, what is this country? 8) had I fallen from the skies, I could not be more giddy 9) a mixture of pleasure and confusion, that is my state 10) where am I, and when will this end? 11) what shall I do? I do not know where I am”

—p74. Donald Barthelme. “Alice”. Sixty Stories. New York: Penguin, 1993. 68–75.


Pieces of larger works that may or may not end up being written.

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