Favorite Posts of 2009

17:37 Mon 28 Dec 2009
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My best pieces this year. If I write an outstanding post in the next three days, I’ll cheat and add it to this list later.

Top Five

  • Why being offended is a starting point for examination, not an argument in itself. I’m proud of this piece because it expressed reasonably well something that had been going around in my head for quite some time. 03 Aug 2009.
  • Language, ‘sexting’, bullying, agency, and cultural toxicity. I’m proud of this essay because, again, it expressed well what I thought on the subject matter. 03 Dec 2009.
  • How the movie’s treatment of violence removes significant complexity from the narrative. I’m proud of this because it’s a good piece of criticism. 10 Mar 2009.
  • Poetry about running. I’m proud of this because it captures that run quite well. 03 Sep 2009.
  • Tennis-based, but really about the larger controversy. I’m proud of it because it’s a strong refutation of arguments I saw around the net and disagreed with. 11 Dec 2009.

Honorable Mention

A bunch of good stuff that I couldn’t quite put in the top five. In chronological order:

Special Interest

These posts are good, but perhaps somewhat narrowly focused.

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