Second CrossFit WOD

22:31 Thu 21 May 2009
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No, I’m not going to write about every WOD I do (hopefully I will soon be doing them almost every day), but I think that yesterday’s WOD was interesting because it was so different to Monday’s. This time, the WOD was:

  • 378m run (should have been 400m)
  • 50 squats

Repeat four times.

I was slow on the uptake with what was happening when the instructors set up the run. We ran a route (middle of Fern to Polk to Bush to Van Ness back to middle of Fern) that was short of 400m. There was one person in our group who wasn’t a beginner, and for him the instructors set up a cone further down Fern to make up the difference. I for some reason thought he was doing extra on top of the 400, rather than the rest of us doing less, and so didn’t run to the cone myself, although I would have been able to complete the WOD running the full distance.

Unlike the first WOD, I was sure I’d be able to complete this one, and was trying to get a reasonable time rather than to just struggle through it somehow. However, the running was a lot harder for me than I expected, and definitely harder than I think it should have been. More stuff to work on.

The squats were interesting. I discovered that I could get into a rhythm where I’d find a kind of bounce at the nadir of the squat. When in that rhythm I could get a lot of them done in a row, even concentrating on getting low, whereas without that it was considerably harder to get more than five done without having to stop.

My time for four rounds of run 378m and do 50 squats was 13:18.

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One Response to “Second CrossFit WOD”

  1. Niall O'Higgins Says:

    Yeah the tough thing about that WOD is not so much getting through it – but getting through it FAST.

    Its hard to do 50 squats fast without stopping, and hard to run fast afterwards. Its also harder running on that city block with people/cars/hills/etc. I think on a track you’d shave 30-60 seconds off your time.

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