Favorite Posts of 2011

19:01 Sun 18 Dec 2011. Updated: 11:54 25 Dec 2011
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What I liked most from my posts this year.

Top Five

  • Controversial, and while it makes me uncomfortable in some ways, this still strikes me as an important piece. 06 Feb 2011.
  • In many ways my most personal post of the year, and important for entirely different reasons. 14 Feb 2011.
  • Saying some things that needed—and still need—to be said about Google+ and the debates over online identity. 08 Aug 2011.
  • The first part of what will hopefully be a long work of fiction, I thought this turned out quite well. 06 Nov 2011.
  • We need to be free to not be true to our selves. 16 Jan 2011.

Honorable Mention

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