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07:35 Mon 11 Jul 2011
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Those of you who visit this site (as opposed to reading it via various proxies like Google Reader) will have noticed that the image in the site header changes. I’ve set it up to randomly select from several images, and this post contains brief commentary about those images.

The code doing the image selection contains references to quite a few images, organized by category, but I wrote it before using the blog extensively, and it turns out that I don’t use categories much, relying instead on tagging. With few exceptions, therefore, all of the pages select from just six images for their headers. Eventually—possibly when I get around to redesigning the blog—I’ll use the others in some way. For the moment, though, just these six:

Chrome Jellyfish
This started out as a photo of a jellyfish in the aquarium in Monterey. I wanted a starker image for the header, so I played around with it in greyscale and then used a “chrome” filter to give it its current look.

A photo of part of my desk in the dark. It still looks more or less like this; I think the orange dot on the far right was the charge light for my wireless headset.

A combination of “And in the darkness bind them” with some other, unfinished, graphical works. My least favorite of the images.

Vico Seagull
A seagull flying over Vico Road, in Dalkey.

Warp Exit/Ancient Blue
A combination of “Warp Exit” and “Ancient Blue”.

A slice of a photo of me (taken, I’m pretty sure, by Niall Murphy in the early 2000s), treated with a watercolor filter.

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