Starting at Snaptic

22:38 Mon 17 May 2010
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My new job is software engineering (shocking, I know) at Snaptic, a small startup in downtown SF doing mobile application and platform development. It has a web component, which is what I’m starting out on; there are also some opportunities for semantic data work that I’m hoping to take advantage of.

I’m excited about it, because there’s plenty to learn, I’ll be working in a small team (something I’ve missed for a while), I’ll likely be working closely with my brother (something we didn’t have a chance to do at either of the previous companies we’ve both been at), the rest of the team seems great too, and mobile development is clearly an important area right now. I’m really happy to be there, the opportunity was too good to pass up—hence the end of my sabbatical.

When I started at Metaweb, I noted the disparity between the working environment there and at my previous job. At Snaptic, the environment is different again, unsurprisingly for such a small company. That being said, it feels as if Snaptic and Metaweb have more in common than Nimblefish and Metaweb, even though Snaptic is so small. All three companies, technically, count as startups, but at Snaptic I’m joining it very early on, and so it feels even more like a startup than the others, and I think that will be fun. Not all the time, and there will be plenty of hard work, but I think I’ll enjoy it.

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  1. garret Says:

    I really liked sabbatical Tadhg, I am talking from experience here, but work tadhg is fun too. I have no idea what your job entails but I guess you will be dressed like one of those guys from Tron and throwing a glowing frisbie around in cyber space. Hope it goes well and enjoy the ride. Good luck- Garret

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