Leaving Nimblefish

23:45 Mon 23 Apr 2007. Updated: 18:54 24 Apr 2007
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Today I told Nimblefish I was leaving. My last day is 4 May, Friday after next.

It’s rather weird to be leaving. I’ve been there for almost five years.

Five years is rather a long time. Certainly it’s by far the longest I’ve been at any job. When I started there as a freelancer in August 2002, I think they had about 20 employees, and now it’s more like 80. I worked there in a number of different capacities, too: freelancer, sole dedicated web person, head of the client-facing web team, software engineer. And none of those roles was tightly defined, but rather all contained bits of the others.

It’s also strange to leave right now because I’m enjoying the work I’m doing at the moment more than I have in a long time. It’s all focused on dynamic generation of HTML, using CSS templates, and figuring out how to make my old job easier. On top of that, I’ve been writing the specification. I like that setup, and I’ve been quite motivated.

Ironically, the fact that I was enjoying it was probably a factor in leading me to look around and consider ensuring that I would get to work on that kind of thing in the long term—Nimblefish are moving away from HTML and JavaScript, so it seems unlikely that I’d be doing it for much longer. And I like it too much for that.

And so, a move. Senior AJAX Engineer at Metaweb, which I’m looking forward to a great deal. I’m looking forward to really diving deep into JavaScript, and having that be my main focus rather than a side interest that I have to fight to work on. I’m also looking forward to working with the team they have there, who all seem like good, smart, and very web-knowledgeable people.

It doesn’t mean much of a change in my commute, as the Metaweb office is about 300 feet from Nimblefish… that’s a plus, because I have a lot of good friends at Nimblefish, and it’ll be rather easier to stay in touch while in the same neighborhood. That means I’m not as sad to leave as I would be otherwise.

I think it’s going to be good, and I’m quite eager to get started with it.

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