Leaving Metaweb

23:58 Fri 06 Feb 2009. Updated: 05:44 07 Feb 2009
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Today was my last day at Metaweb, and I was sad to leave. Naturally I’ll miss the people most, but hopefully I’ll manage to see most of them relatively often.

I’m not exactly sure what’s next, but I’m feeling good about it at the moment, and looking forward to finding out what it is.

3 Responses to “Leaving Metaweb”

  1. Helen Says:

    Oh love. I think that good things are in store for you too, and I’m really excited to hearing what they are. xxx

  2. Kai Says:

    It was a pleasure working with you man. We’ll be in touch for sure, if for no other reason than I *still* haven’t beaten you at table tennis.

  3. Tadhg Says:

    Kai: heh, well, that should be an easier accomplishment soon given that it’ll probably be easier for you to get daily practice in. On the other hand, maybe I’ll have to dedicate myself to it so that I can definitively beat Dae…

    Helen: Thanks for the support; I’ll reply properly by email.

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