22:08 Sun 26 Jul 2009
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thesixtyone is a music site unlike any other I’ve seen. I first heard about it from AlecF’s tweet in June, but only glanced at it then. This week, I was in the mood for finding some new music, and remembered it.

It’s a site where you can browse music, except that it encourages you to try out various discovery methods by giving you “quests” and assigning points to you based on your achievements.

Web 2.0 meets browsing in the record store meets MMORPGs meets Achievement Unlocked.

Quality, obviously, varies, but I’ve found some good stuff there, and “Until I Sleep” alone has made the whole experience worthwhile. It’s a fantastic idea, and I’d love to see it gain enough traction to ensure a critical mass of good music finding its way there.

It’s definitely worth a look, and might possibly become a major channel for finding new music.

(This is my profile, in case you’re interested.)

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