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Breaking Bad Remix Video

12:30 02 Sep 2012

Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen seasons one and two of Breaking Bad yet.

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Games Sampling

16:54 29 Jul 2012
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13:48 15 Jul 2012

I’ve only been away a week, but this really makes me miss San Francisco:

[On vacation, so shorter posts for the next while.]

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Clearly it’s not Dead Yet

23:54 10 Jun 2011. Updated: 01:25 11 Jun 2011

This has been out a while, but is awesome and worth watching. Background: Newsweek listed Grand Rapids, Michigan, as one of America’s “top 10 dying cities”, and Grand Rapids made this in response:

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Recent Listening, February 2011

22:53 24 Feb 2011

I’m in a phase of appreciating music a lot right now, and thought I’d share some of what’s been looping through my playlists.

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Christmas Music Antidote

12:45 24 Dec 2010

I’m not a fan of Christmas music; it’s generally awful, but truly at its worst when you’re in a mall. However, the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s album A Very Scary Solstice works quite well as a remedy; this is probably my favorite track from it:

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Today’s Public Service Message

09:07 23 Dec 2010

I so so so wish this were satirical.

I’m really at a loss for words with this one. It’s like someone made the Platonic ideal of the “piss Tadhg off” video.

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My Conveyance is Different and Superior to Yours, Sirs

10:00 19 Dec 2010

My Irish readers are doubtless highly familiar with this; other readers, here is what (fortune willing) may become the Irish Christmas #1 Single:

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“We Got More” Video

16:12 12 Dec 2010

This is a fantastically trippy music video by Cyriak:

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Friday Video: Auto-Tune

21:38 10 Dec 2010

This post is especially for Garret and Nora.

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22:34 09 Sep 2010

Near the start of July I mentioned the idea of keeping a “gratitude journal”. I’ve been doing that, more or less, since then.

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3.6 Gigapixels of Blade Runner

20:45 03 Sep 2010

I like this, although I have to admit that might just be the music.

BLADE RUNNER revisited >3.6 gigapixels from françois vautier on Vimeo.

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The Devil’s Music

23:48 02 Sep 2010

I’ve been listening to Uptime/Downtime a lot again. Uptime is the half of it that I prefer, and I urge you to listen to it if you haven’t already. At the end of “Deeper Sand” and the start of “MKY Da HVN” is a sample of what sounds like a Christian evangelist. He mentions the line “the music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back”—which is a backmasked line from Electric Light Orchestra’s “Fire on High”.

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Music is Weird

20:40 19 Aug 2010

It might just be my musical taste that’s weird, but I prefer the larger generalization.

I’ve never listened to Justin Bieber before, but apparently I quite like “U Smile” when it’s been slowed down 800%.

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This Might Make the Other Writers Jealous

21:46 16 Aug 2010

Not safe for work:

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Lifehacker Meditation Guide

23:16 20 Jul 2010

I haven’t tried it out, but this Lifehacker guide to meditation looks good. I’m interested in trying it, but have some resistance because I’ve never gotten anywhere with meditation in the past.

Entirely by coincidence (or at least that’s how it appears to me) the Deutsche Nepal track “The Hierophants of Light”, which I’ve never heard before, starting playing as I wrote this post (I bought the album it’s on, Deflagration of Hell, last night)—and it begins with this looped many times: “You shall hear nothing, you shall see nothing, you shall think nothing, you shall be nothing”.

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Music Construction

05:54 24 Dec 2009

Dodgy misogynistic lyrics, proprietary software—but still absolutely fascinating. Via MetaFilter I found this YouTube video on how to make The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” using Ableton Live:

Given this, I start to think that the key lyrics are actually “change my pitch up”.

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“Symphonies of the Planets”

20:57 04 Dec 2009

I’d never heard of this before until randomly coming across a Gizmodo post on it. I’m curious about how much postprocessing they did to make it more palatable, but regardless I like the result. Our solar system is into organic dark ambient, apparently.

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22:08 26 Jul 2009

thesixtyone is a music site unlike any other I’ve seen. I first heard about it from AlecF’s tweet in June, but only glanced at it then. This week, I was in the mood for finding some new music, and remembered it.

It’s a site where you can browse music, except that it encourages you to try out various discovery methods by giving you “quests” and assigning points to you based on your achievements.

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All You Had To Do Was Say Your Majesty Shove Your OBE

23:11 16 Apr 2009

After my brother passed on Blood or Whiskey’s “Your Majesty” (because I mentioned Flogging Molly’s If I Ever Leave This World Alive due to its being used on Weeds), I was reminded of the unpleasant fact that both Bob Geldof and Bono accepted induction into the Order of the British Empire.

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Hexstatic SF4 Music Vid

16:59 02 Mar 2009

I like Hexstatic, and I love Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but I can’t decide whether this promo vid Hexstatic did for Street Fighter IV is retro-ish fun or just terrible phone-it-in paid work:

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Musical Graphs

23:58 03 Feb 2009

I know that the Songsmith thing has been extensively covered, but this one is different, and interesting, and depressingly informative:

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French Analog Electronica and The Thing

23:59 29 Jan 2009. Updated: 01:13 30 Jan 2009

This was featured on BoingBoing recently, but I like it enough to put it up here anyway.

It’s a video for “Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free”, by Zombie-Zombie; the video is a reinterpretation of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Both are excellent, and prompted me to buy the album (A Land for Renegades) and a DVD of the John Carpenter classic. (I’ve never seen the other films in Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy, Prince of Darkness and In the Mouth of Madness, and should probably do so.)

I think that the music for this video would also work extremely well with the Metallica video I posted recently.

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