1000th Post

14:26 Tue 26 May 2009
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This is the thousandth published post on this site. It’s not the thousandth blog entry per se, since some of the entries on this site predate the blog (some predate the site itself, and indeed my awareness of the web). Still, it’s a fairly major milestone, and (working off a suggestion of Jeff‘s) I used Wordle to create a kind of commemorative graphic.

Jeff originally suggested feeding the text of all my posts into Wordle, but that would have been three megs (almost 500,000 words) of text, so I didn’t think that was really going to work. Instead, I fed it all the post tags, resulting in this:

Tags for 999 posts

There you have it, a representation of what I’ve been focused on for the preceding 999 posts.

Here’s the same information in list form, all 171 different tags, doubtless including some typos, duplicates, and other things that might not belong: