Shirky on Organizing Without Organizations

23:55 Tue 25 Mar 2008. Updated: 00:59 26 Mar 2008
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I haven’t finished all of it yet, but Clay Shirky’s talk on networking, organization, and the internet is quite good.

The world with the internet is a different world than the world without it, as Shirky says. It is a huge revolution, and the key question is what use we will, ultimately, put it to. Does its nature intrinsically push towards a certain political structure? I don’t know, although I like to think so.

Incidentally, I hotlinked the video in this page using the easy setup page for the JW FLV Media Player, which seems quite useful (video being one of the things that Flash is actually good at). The original is at Harvard’s CyberLaw site.

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  1. Unkie Dave Says:

    Interesting synchronicity. I was watching him earlier this week (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgeYWY09LE8). Interesting, but in danger of being the new flavour of the month for journalists looking to write “Web 2.0 is changing everything” type articles (like Wikinomics, The Long tail, Wisdom of Crowds etc, etc)

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