Please Let Us Not Attack Iran

23:57 Mon 24 Mar 2008. Updated: 02:17 25 Mar 2008
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Yeah, I don’t usually like to sound like I’m begging in my blog posts, especially when it’s not clear to entity what my request could be made. But I am, not for the first time, awash in dread that the United States is going to launch an attack on Iran.

Chris Floyd has the bad signs covered, here, here, and here. Either the US is planning an attack, or planning an extremely risky kind of brinksmanship, which could easily slide over into an attack. Obviously, I don’t know whether it’ll happen or not. I’m just frightened that it will, especially since the Bush administration have no sense when it comes to this shit, and I’m also frightened because Bush and his cronies are talking as if they’re seriously considering the use of nuclear weapons against Iran.

Which is just insane. That would mean untold deaths, massive harm to the entire region, and, of course, a corresponding drop in stability (in the true sense of the word) worldwide. The winners would be the warmongers, because cries for violence would come from almost all sides.

It’s really horrifying to contemplate, and I just don’t see what to do about it. I mean, it seems so unreal as an option to me, yet the signs are that it’s quite frighteningly real.

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