This Modern World on Neocon Regrets

23:55 Sun 23 Mar 2008
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Tom Tomorrow is one of my favorite short-comic artists, and he really nailed it with today’s strip, “Five Years Later, Neocons Discuss Their Regrets”. The attitudes expressed by the characters in the strip are caricatures… but some of them are just stripped-down versions of obfuscatory statements major neoconservative figures have made, and one or two appear to be exactly what they are saying.

Especially the third one, “I regret that we have not yet attacked Iran.”

I’ll probably post more about this tomorrow, but it appears that, despite a lack of discussion about this in the mainstream, the US is still moving closer to some kind of military assault on Iran. I write that, and it just strikes me as so ridiculous and unbelievable—clearly I haven’t yet divested myself of naive optimism about the world. Invading Iraq was of course wrong, and hideously so (made all the more clear by the utter absence of “weapons of mass destruction”, but even if Iraq had had them, it would still have been wrong), but this? The same script all over again?

Enough. I’ll put off thinking about that until tomorrow. In the meantime, consider the fact that the figures so accurately lampooned by Tom Tomorrow in that strip are, by and large, the same fuckers who are going to either cheer the attack on Iran or condescendingly explain why opposing it is “unserious” and “immature”.

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