sfmagic.org Rewrite: Tournament Page Done

22:18 Mon 31 Dec 2007
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I again had little time to work on this, so today I replicated the page showing the information for an individual tournament.

This was rather easy. The tournament page is the simplest of the pages in terms of the queries involved and in terms of the amount of information displayed. One thing I plan to add (but not tonight) is some HTML that shows a kind of “table view”, that is, a view from above the table showing where the players sat. Adjusting it for the various numbers doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult. I suspect that this is a task where the Genshi match capability will come in handy, selecting a different snippet of HTML (stored in a separate file) to be called depending on how many players are at the table.

Once the standings tables are done, and accessing player standings on a given date is less expensive, I will probably add “seeding rank at time of tournament” to the data about each player on this page.

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