addons.mozilla.org Moving from CakePHP to Django

20:43 Tue 17 Nov 2009
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This post details why they’re making the move. I find this of interest partly because it’s a move from a very popular web language (PHP) to one that’s become vastly more popular in the last couple of years (Python), and also because Django is the one major Python framework I haven’t tried out yet. Because of my liking for Python, I have a personal bias that makes me happy to see a prominent project such as this one move to the language.

I find it odd that they’re going from Subversion to git instead of to Mercurial, but I like the fact that they’re moving their documentation to the reStructuredText-based Sphinx.

3 Responses to “addons.mozilla.org Moving from CakePHP to Django”

  1. sean Says:

    As a matter of interest, why do you find it odd that they’re going to use git as opposed to Mercurial?

  2. Dave Dash Says:

    Our development team likes git and github, and we enjoy the workflow. In SVN many of us used git-svn, so git was a natural transition.

  3. Dave Dash Says:

    “Our development team” == “Addons.mozilla.org team”

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