sfmagic.rg Rewrite: Standings Page Done

22:29 Sun 30 Dec 2007
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I didn’t get much time to work on this today, and forgot about one feeature that took a little more time.

That’s the ‘decay’ feature. The way seeding works is by taking the total points earned by each player in that player’s last ten tournaments and comparing them. However, to ensure that players who have high ratings don’t get to sit on them even if they don’t turn up for a while, and to give a bump to the seeding of players who play often, ratings decay as players don’t turn up, at a rate of two percent per missed tournament, with a floor of eighty percent.

I did solve the issue with the overall last ten tournaments, too, which was a matter of getting the DISTINCT keyword into the right place in the query.

That’s the last of the standings page, fully, and now on to scripting the repetition of that process for each event (by each standings type) in the data.

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