Muir Woods HDR Photos

20:46 Sat 28 Apr 2007

When Jamie was here, we went up to Muir Woods, and I took a bunch of photos, hoping to improve on the last set. I also wanted to experiment with HDR tone mapping.

We went on a fairly grey day, and looking skyward resulted in a view like this:
Muir Woods Sky

Some redwoods in the wind:
Muir Woods Trees in the Wind

I like the “bridge” look of this branch:
Muir Woods Branch

I took various shots of the stream. The first one is my favorite shot of this shoot:
Muir Woods Stream

Muir Woods Stream Gate

Muir Woods Stream 2

(That last one turned out to be almost identical to the last shot from the previous set, which I didn’t realize until just now.)

A broken tree:
Muir Woods Broken Tree

And a fallen tree:
Muir Woods Fallen Tree

A shot of the treescape:
Muir Woods Treescape

Finally, this shot isn’t HDR, and isn’t as sharp as I would like, but has a somewhat ent-like quality to my mind:
Muir Woods Ent

Overall, I think that the shots I got last time were better… despite now having better equipment. I think the main reasons are that the light was a lot better last year, and that I took more shots of different things. Still, I’m rather happy with the image quality from the XTi, and hope to learn to use it a little better.

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