Snowy Solstice

14:55 Tue 21 Dec 2010
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Dublin is currently in the grip of one of its most severe winters. I’ve never seen quite this much snow here, or been in a Dublin quite this cold, before. The snow is absolutely beautiful, with a wonderful texture that’s not quite powdery.

It’s fun, too. There’s something simply cheery about snow. Being out in it, even to do mundane things like shovel the drive, makes me happy.

There are isolating aspects to it too. It brings a sense of quiet, and is conducive to solitude. Then there are the practical aspects, especially here: this country doesn’t cope well at all with this kind of weather, and cards, roads, and public transport are all ill-equipped to deal with it. I’m hoping that friends currently out of the country are able to make it in, and that I’ll be able to move around enough to see the friends that are here.

On the shortest day of the year, surrounded by snow, I’m thinking of people, of the people who make up the worldwide community of Tadhg. I hope you’re all doing well out there, and right now, I miss you. Wherever you are, Happy Solstice!

Back Yard During Lunar Eclipse
Trimleston Front with Snow

3 Responses to “Snowy Solstice”

  1. Eoin Says:

    And happy Solstice to you. Thinking of you and my other friends, in Dublin and further afield.

  2. garret Says:

    Don’t eat yellow snow

  3. garret Says:

    Happy Solstice and great to have you back.


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