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jEdit and Document Structure

22:33 08 Mar 2007

I’ve recently been writing documentation at work, and have been writing it in HTML, which is more or less my native format for that kind of writing. In doing so, I’ve been focusing more on document structure and how it aids usability for the reader. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve also started to focus on how it might improve usability for the author.

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FUD about open source Flash

16:55 07 Mar 2007. Updated: 21:18 08 Mar 2007

Steve recently tried to rile me up by sending me a link to this article by a Flash developer about why he does’t think open source Flash is necessary. And it worked. A state of riledom indeed ensued.

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Speed in/of Games

23:53 06 Mar 2007

I showed Seth how to play Set last week. He didn’t have much interest in it, and this made me curious as to why I liked it so much immediately whereas he just didn’t get into it.

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23:52 05 Mar 2007. Updated: 00:55 06 Mar 2007

I’m gradually moving more and more of my personal files into my various Subversion repositories, and figuring out how to organize those repositories. I highly recommend Subversion (or some form of version control, but Subversion is free (and libre)) to anyone who uses computers to create documents that they consider important.

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The God Delusion

21:02 04 Mar 2007

I finished reading Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion this morning. I found it clearly written and well-argued. I certainly haven’t seen anything from his critics that appears to refute his arguments, although I wonder how many of them have actually read his entire book.

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Belief and Rationality/Irrationality

22:50 03 Mar 2007

Do people have rational reasons for believing things that are irrational?

For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll define “irrational beliefs” as “belief in things that are demonstrably untrue”. For example, the belief that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. I regard this as demonstrably false because it’s either untrue, or almost everything we understand about the physical laws of the universe goes out the window.

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February/March Blogging

23:51 02 Mar 2007. Updated: 11:01 05 Mar 2007

February wasn’t a bad month, blogging-wise. I intend to continue posting every day through March, and will check in on the idea again at the end of the month.

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23:43 01 Mar 2007. Updated: 23:47 06 Mar 2007

My friend Brett read the post about Set last week, and last night presented me with 81 MTG cards that have the same set of 3x3x3x3 characteristics.

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