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Speed in/of Games

23:53 06 Mar 2007

I showed Seth how to play Set last week. He didn’t have much interest in it, and this made me curious as to why I liked it so much immediately whereas he just didn’t get into it.

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Practice and Improvement

22:59 11 Dec 2006. Updated: 00:05 16 Dec 2006

A perennial area of interest for me is how one improves skills. The obvious answer is “practice”, but for a lot of things that’s not specific enough, and figuring out exactly what and how to practice can be quite difficult.

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Embarrassing Q3A notes

21:06 21 Feb 2006. Updated: 17:42 27 Feb 2006

While cleaning out old stuff in my apartment, I came across some notes I wrote while bored at a user interface conference way back in early 2000. The notes are about (cringe) how to beat *bots* in the single-player mode of *Quake 3 Arena*. Essentially, this reminds me of just how appalling I was at the game back then, if beating those bots required any real effort.

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