Montara Beach Photos

20:50 Sun 10 Dec 2006
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Over the last few months I’ve done some midnight drives to Montara Beach, and today decided I’d find out what it looked like during the day. I arrived around sunset and took some photos.

This first one isn’t quite from Montara Beach, as I stopped to take it maybe a mile away because it looked like such a good shot:
Montara Beach Sunset

These two shots are of the south end of the beach:
Montara Beach South End

Montara Beach South End Back

Some wave shots:
Montara Beach Waves

Montara Beach Waves 2

And this is the view from where I usually park the car:
Montara Beach Car View

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3 Responses to “Montara Beach Photos”

  1. Helen Says:

    wow, you really make me want to be able to drive! astonishing pics, Tadhger.

  2. kevintel Says:

    It looks a lot like a beach, doesn’t it?

  3. Tadhg Says:

    Helen: Thanks! Being able to drive definitely has its advantages, and I’m really enjoying being able to visit the amazing places around San Francisco.

    Kev: Yes. Yes it does.

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