A Dream

22:26 Sun 03 Mar 2002. Updated: 13:56 17 Mar 2009
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I had this dream when I was about eleven or twelve.

I am with a friend, at the top of a cliff on the Irish east coast. We’re on the side of a road, and on the other side is some yellowing grass, and then the clifftop. The road is probably modeled on Vico Road in Dalkey, but without any of the easy paths down to the beach. The only way to the sea is to climb down the cliff. My friend doesn’t want to climb, but I decide to go ahead anyway. It takes effort but doesn’t seem particularly dangerous, and in short order I have clambered to the bottom.

I stand on the sandy beach looking out at the sea. It’s a sunny day, and the sky is a light blue with some wispy white cloud in the distance. The sea is a deep, dark blue, and quite calm. There are no waves breaking on the beach, but rather the water is gently lapping at the shore. I feel a sudden pang of fear, and turn around.

The cliff is gone, as is the beach. I am standing on a sandbar. There is no coastline anywhere in sight, and the ocean stretches endlessly around me.

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