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“Dream, 2012-05-05 04:21”

10:40 06 May 2012

Afternoon, a sunny suburban backyard. In the background, fluttering like clothes on a line, is a large sheet of white paper. Unintelligible writings in blue and black cover it. In the foreground, white-shirted Benedict Cumberbatch[1] drinks from a beer bottle, talking to unseen others.

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Dream About Irish Education/Politics

17:57 17 Mar 2009

In this dream, I was apparently some kind of education official. Not an elected representative, but some kind of bureaucrat or “expert” in the education field. I was invited to participate in a major discussion by a politician (I think a Minister) who looked rather like a 40-year-old Séamus Brennan.

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A Dream

22:26 03 Mar 2002. Updated: 13:56 17 Mar 2009
A dream I had at eleven or twelve.
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