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sfmagic.org Database Structure

15:24 11 May 2007

In the eight months since writing Some Plans for sfmagic.org, I’ve made little progress. This is mainly because of gating factors such as moving it into subversion and getting my database backups into subversion as well. Now that those things are in place, I need to review how it works right now to figure out how to proceed.

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Shell Scripting is Useful

22:04 14 Jan 2007. Updated: 10:22 15 Jan 2007

The title of this post is meant as understatement.

I’ve been (finally!) moving content from my various old sites to tadhg.com, and shell scripting has been extremely useful for this.

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Router Issues

00:22 02 Nov 2006. Updated: 01:22 02 Nov 2006

Access to my sites has been intermittent at best since Monday evening. It’s some recurring problem with my router, and I’m hoping that this weekend I can figure out how to put it into bridge mode, and that this will stop it from happening again. I wasn’t able to access the site at all in that period, although some people have told me they were able to, so apparently at times the packet loss wasn’t atrocious.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll fix the problem properly soon. More details as I discover them.

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Some Plans for sfmagic.org

07:14 09 Aug 2006. Updated: 10:29 11 Aug 2006

I run a statistics-oriented site for the weekly Magic: The Gathering drafts I play in, sfmagic.org. I started it about two years ago and have been tinkering with it in small ways the whole time, but now plan to make some major changes, including:

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16:24 06 Aug 2004. Updated: 14:34 24 Feb 2006

This is the blog section of my website, the rest of which is currently at tadhgohiggins.com. Eventually, I’ll have all these things properly linked together, with coherent navigation and so on. Eventually.

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