Good Moves or Terrible Tackling?

23:22 Fri 14 Jan 2011
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First up, Marshawn Lynch’s ridiculous run that sealed the crazy Seahawks upset of the Saints last weekend—with sound effects that, frankly, make the run more realistic to me than the version without them.

One of the best open field moves I’ve ever seen, Dante Hall against the Broncos, apparently around 2003:

Finally, sure, it’s college rather than pro, but still, this run by Tommy Frazier (Nebraska–Florida, 1996 Fiesta Bowl) is absolutely ludicrous; I watched it a bunch of times and still can’t figure out how he got away:

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  1. Steve Casey Says:

    I always think that rugby players could do with a bit of training from the running back coaches. The ducks and dives in American football contrast sharply with the almost inevitable crunch/crash of bodies in rugby.

    I guess the reason is that in Rugby you really don’t WANT to get ahead, out on your own away from support. Going down and being able to hand the ball off is preferable in most situations.

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