NaNoWriMo 2009: First Check-In

22:34 Sun 08 Nov 2009
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Unfortunately, this attempt to write my fantasy novel in a month isn’t going well. In my experience, there are two critical things that you have to do in order to produce written material at a good rate:

  • Start.
  • Write even when it’s not flowing.

It took me far too long to do the first, and the second is just hard right now. I can still get there, but I’ve made it harder for myself, and I seem to have somehow underestimated the difficulty of going from the outline to the first draft.

Still, the truth is that it’s absolutely possible to do it, and that the key is to push past difficulty and just keep writing. On that topic, check out “How to Follow Through: The Emerging Science of Self-Control” over at The Rational Entrepreneur.

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