More Technical Problems

19:09 Mon 21 Apr 2008
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My server went down again today. It wasn’t a serious problem, just needed a reboot. But that’s been happening more often recently. It needs an upgrade, but an upgrade is risky—and I don’t have a backup server right now.

Because the backup machine, the one that’s supposed to take over, died last week.

So far this year, my desktop has died, my old has server died (it’s currently serving this page thanks to a cannibalized power supply in a very short-term setup), and my new server has died. Not a good year, tech-wise.

I’m not sure what to do about it. I could shift to colocation, but it’s expensive. I need to replace the new server and then get a redundant backup, but I’m not sure how much to replace, or what the longer-term solution is.

Whatever it is, it involves expense and hassle… but I need to do it to get to the point where it runs smoothly and can handle failures in a redundant fashion.

Until then, frequent outages here are sadly likely.

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  1. JC Says:

    How expensive is hosting? If you really want to have root access, take a look at Slicehost. $20 a month for a VPS is pretty good.

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