sfmagic.org Rewrite: Generated Standings Tables

16:06 Thu 03 Jan 2008. Updated: 05:29 04 Jan 2008
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I now have standings tables for the seeding and the overall standings. These are generated from the limited data set I’m currently using, but the generation process works with incremental updates (as long as all tournaments on a given date are in the system before the generation is done).

Obviously, performance is much, much faster. That alone is worth the rewrite, and it should scale fairly linearly from here out—I hope…

I’ve already added a few things to the page about each player, such as that player’s current seeding rank, current overall rank, highest seeding rank ever plus how many times they were at that rank plus the date of when that last was, and the same for their highest overall rank. The generation of the per-year stats is currently in progress, and once that’s done I can add the player’s year-end rank for every year in the system, and after I get block done, I can do the same for that.

This will also make it easier to build requests for our “champions”, the players who have been on top at the end of a year or at the end of a block.

I’ve wanted to add records to the site also, for example the player with most tournament wins ever out of all their sets of “last ten of their tournaments” (Jeremy Lewis, who at one point had won seven of the last 10 tournaments he played in), or the player with the most game wins in the same data (Standish Choi, with 57 game wins over a span of his last 10 tournaments). These new tables make possible all kinds of queries which warm my statistics-hungry OCD heart.

One class of record I’ll have to add, which will take a little more work, involves consecutive tournament wins, ideally in two categories: player’s consecutive and calendar consecutive. I’m pretty sure that no-one has ever done better than three for the calendar-consecutive (i.e. winning their draft four weeks in a row), but it’s not quite so clear whether or not a player has ever won their last four drafts in a row. In any case, I would like both records to be available through queries.

Once I have head-to-head in there, then individual match-and-game streaks will be available, although game is tougher—the reporting will not cover which games a player lost, so a player going 2-0, 2-0, 2-1 might have a streak of four games or of five, with no way to know. I might restrict it to matches only on that basis, but that would still be quite a cool record to keep track of.

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