sfmagic.org Installing Pylons

17:51 Tue 18 Dec 2007
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So far, this effort has not gone well, and none of that has anything to do with Pylons itself.

Instead, the difficulties are all wrapped up in the fact that much of my home network is in poor shape, with many things requiring upgrades. Tackling the problems has thus far simply revealed more problems, so I changed tack and decided to install Python and Pylons on my Mac laptop so that I could do local development, figuring that I would tackle the home network problems another time.

Sadly, after Python itself, I decided to install MySQL 5 using MacPorts, which just didn’t work, with MySQL refusing to start because it couldn’t bind to the socket. Permissions experiments didn’t help.

Then it just started working for no reason I can see. So, well, great, but that makes the time spent wrangling with it seem rather like a waste…

I did manage to get Pylons running using the instructions from the Pylons Getting Started guide, and that was easy enough. So hopefully tomorrow I can get to know Pylons better and make some real progress on the rewrite itself.

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